Before they discovered stylists and lycra, the stars of Strictly Come Dancing had a few fashion faux pas!

With their sequins, tassels and tans, the cast of Strictly Come Dancing look glamorous, if not a little over the top.

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But they weren’t always so groomed. The Nineties was almost as bad a decade for fashion as the Eighties, and plenty of the stars fell victim to some questionable trends.

Remember Peter Andre‘s braids and bandanna? He probably wishes we didn’t, but we do. And of course there’s Ainsley Harriott, the enthusiastic chef, sporting a jaunty apron and hat.

Daniel O’Donnell and Jeremy Vine both opted for a classic, backcombed hairstyle, which made them look more silly than suave.

The bad sartorial choices extended beyond the 90s, too – Anita Rani opted for a shapeless silver suit as recently as 2013.

Look through our gallery above for the fashion moments the Strictly stars would rather forget!