See the couple throughout their on/off relationship...

Jack Tweed is only 18 when he enters Jade Goody‘s life in 2005, but he fibs and says he’s 22. On their first proper date they take a bicycle rickshaw ride and stay in London’s Sanderson Hotel. The former electrician – who is 6 years Jade‘s junior – pays the bill. By February 2006 they are in love.

Big Brother star Jade soon learns Jack’s true age and happily indulges in public displays of affection with her man, ignoring newspaper stories linking him to other girls.

Jack spends time with Jade‘s sons Bobby and Freddie and supports her when she undergoes tests for bowel and ovarian cancer in late 2006. She gets the all clear.

In 2007, Jade and Jack enter the Celebrity Big Brother house with Jade‘s mum but Jade soon gets caught up in scandal when she’s accused of bullying Shilpa Shetty. The London-born star is evicted before her boyfriend, who comes in sixth place.

Jack supports Jade the following month as she receives counselling following the Big Brother backlash before moving in with her in April.

In May Jade announces she’s pregnant with Jack’s child but she suffers a miscarriage in June. The couple break up in August and then reunite later in the year.

Shock news comes in August 2008 when Jade is told on Indian TV show Bigg Boss – a version of Big Brother – that she has cervical cancer.

Sadly Jade is told she has only months to live in February 2009. The Big Brother favourite decides to marry Jack as soon as possible and they get hitched within weeks.

But after the excitement of her wedding, Jade feels exhausted and her health deteriorates. She gets christened in hospital and watches her sons be baptised. Jade tragically loses her battle for life on 22 March 2009.

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