See how Fifty Shades Of Grey star Jamie's relationship has progressed...

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. Our gallery charts their love story in pictures from the very beginning…

Many years before they get together, Amelia and Jamie both date other stars when they first come to fame.

British actress Amelia is spotted with Colin Farrell at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie Quills in 2000. They go on to date in 2001 and there’s even speculation that they’ve married during a holiday to Tahiti – Colin got ‘Millie’ tattooed on his ring finger – but it turns out that the ceremony isn’t legally binding.

‘We had a ceremony on a beach in Tahiti that was by no means legal and we knew it wasn’t,’ she later reveals.

‘It was just a thing we did on holiday. It was lovely, it was silly, it was sweet but by no means was it a serious thing and I think my mum thought it was quite funny.’

Amelia splits from Colin four months after their ‘wedding’.

Meanwhile Northern Irish star Jamie Dornan is thrust into the limelight in 2003 when he starts dating Keira Knightley. He becomes a model and stars in campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein but always hopes to be an actor.

Jamie and Keira break up in 2005 and a year later Jamie lands a role in the film Marie Antoinette opposite Kirsten Dunst. In the following years he’s linked to stars including Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller.

Amelia continues to act but gives it up in 2008 to focus on her singing career, saying at the time: ?Music is my soulmate.’ She performs under the name Slow Moving Millie but things speed up when she meets Jamie.

They begin dating and move in together near Amelia’s mum in Notting Hill, London. In April 2013 the happy couple get married in Somerset.

Jamie Dornan lands the role of Christian Grey in the highly-anticipated Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and goes to Vancouver, Canada to start shooting later in 2013.

A pregnant Amelia goes with him and gives birth to their first child, a daughter called Dulcie, in November.

The private couple make some rare public appearances together in 2014 as Jamie prepares for the release of Fifty Shades Of Grey in February 2015. One thing’s for certain – these two certainly make a good-looking pair!

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