See Lily dare to go topless in the French Riviera here...


Lily Allen isn’t afraid to strip off in public.

The singer has been caught showing off rather a lot of nipple while relaxing topless on the beach at the exclusive Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc, where she’s staying for the Cannes Film Festival.

In our snaps, Lily starts off her sunning session in a skimpy brown bikini.

The halterneck two-piece features triangle-shaped cups with a tied-up back and Lily initially preserves her modesty by covering her bottom half with a white towel.

She pairs her ensemble with a thin gold necklace and tiny stud earrings and keeps her platinum blonde hair out of her face by pulling it up into a tight top-knot.

Unfortunately, it looks as though she’s suffering from a bit of a wedgie when she’s photographed appearing to pull her bottoms into a more comfortable position.

Despite seeming a little shy when she first appears on the beach, Lily soon whips off her towel and top to give other holidaymakers a cheeky eyeful of nipple.

The pretty star shows off her tanned boobs, stomach and legs and looks fresh-faced with no make-up on her skin.

She shows off her petite back tattoo as she lounges in the water with two male pals before climbing onto some rocks and leaping into the sea.

Let’s hope she doesn’t end up with a bruised nipple and sunburnt boobs!

Lily appears to spot the camera while climbing down a set of steps into the ocean but is apparently happy to show off her boobs topless. She just laughs straight into the lens.

Although she’s clearly confident with having a bare chest, Lily later decides to put her bikini top back on before jumping off a diving board into the glistening water.

She takes her hairband out to let her mid-length locks and sweeping side fringe fall loose for her brave plunge.

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