The Made In Chelsea cast have grown in more ways than one...

It must be hard for the Made In Chelsea lot, between attending what feels like endless parties, appearing in a hugely successful reality TV show, and updating their Instagram, where do they find the time to keep fit?

Well some of them have been ‘smashing’ the gym, as they say, and have transformed to attractive aristocracy to fittie royalty. Most shocking of all has to be Oliver Proudlock, who’s almost unrecognizable as a beefcake from his previous incarnation of handsome posh man.


SHOCKED reaction GIF olivia wilde made in chelsea

Millie Mackintosh, now owning a fashion business empire, is also reason 12543 to be jealous of Professor Green.

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There’s also Sam Thompson, who started the show as little brother to Louise, but has worked out like a mad dog and is now the buff brother of the show.

And there’s even more! But who has actually changed the most? If it’s piling on the muscles or shedding all pounds, these Made In Chelsea stars shocked us with their transformations.

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