This year's hopefuls will be locked in together for 2 months


It’s time to meet the new set of Big Brother contestants – they’re in the house!

Evicted first was Victoria Eisermann, a 41-year-old plus-size model and animal rights campaigner. She’s replaced by Blackburn-born Becky, a drama student college and former extra on Shameless.

There are some pretty naught contestants taking part this year. Chris James has recently moved out of home and now rents a ‘shag pad’ while Shievonne Robinson is an ex-Playboy Bunny whose party tricks are to smoke a cigarette with her boobs and down 10 tequila shots in 30 seconds.

Luke Scrase is a compulsive flirt and likes attention. Meanwhile Lydia Louisa is a professional dancer and is engaged to reality star Andy Scott-Lee. She is allergic to alcohol.

Big Brother contestants are known for their strong views. Scott Mason has an obsession with the British upper classes and Miss Edinburgh 2010 Sara McLean admits she’s very argumentative.

Conor McIntyre won a place at the David Beckham Football Academy when he was 16 while Caroline Wharram describes herself as ‘weird’ and ‘a bit of a loser’.

Contestants come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Adam Kelly is a former LA Crips gang member but current Miss India UK Deana Uppal has no idea how to wash up or iron and she can’t cook.

Luke Anderson began gender transition 4 years ago and has regular hormone injections.

Housemates won’t mess with Lauren Carre – she’s a black belt in karate and holds 3 world championship titles.

There’s some eye candy this year in the shape of Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister model Arron Lowe. He loves taking his top off and showing off his abs.

The final 2012 Big Brother contestants are flirty Essex girl Ashleigh Hughes and former teacher Benedict Garrett, who got suspended from his job when it emerged that he was also a stripper.