All the best moments from the Australian soap over the last 25 years…


Viewers all over the world love to watch Neighbours. The Aussie soap has been keeping fans hooked since it first aired in 1985 and there’s been a whole lot of drama over the years.

To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, we take a look back at some of the most memorable Neighbours moments in pictures…

In 1986, Jane Harris (Annie Jones) nicknamed Plain Jane The Super Brain is bullied at school for being clever.

The teasing stops when Daphne Clarke (Elaine Smith) and Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy) give Jane a radical makeover.

Lots of viewers tune in to watch Charlene Mitchell (Kylie Minogue) and Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) tie the knot in 1987. It’s still one of the soap’s most famous episodes.

The first death is screened in 1988 when Daphne Clarke is killed and it’s a real tear-jerker.

Fans are frequently left stunned by Neighbours‘ outrageous storylines. In 1991 Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston) fears her husband Harold (Ian Smith) has drowned in the sea when he is searching for shells, but he turns up alive in 1996 suffering from amnesia.

Another memorable event in 1993 sees the lovable Labrador put down, sparking Bouncer’s dream episode in which he marries sheep dog Rosie.

Viewers watch several sad occurrences in the coming years. Madge dies of terminal cancer in 2001 while Drew Kirk (Dan Paris) loses his life in a horse riding accident just after getting married.

Neighbours continues to bring lots of drama to our screens. The late 2000s bring a bomb exploding in a plane engine and Susan Kennedy’s battle with MS.

In 2008 Carmella Cammenitl (Natalie Blair) and Marco Silvani (Jesse Rosenfeld)’s picnic guests are forced to run for their lives when a bushfire rages out of control.

We can’t wait to watch what happens next in our favourite Aussie soap!