NEW PHOTOS See what a difference a trip to the dentist has made to these stars

Plenty of stars choose to get glamorous celebrity teeth after finding fame.

Whether they opt to have their chompers whitened, close unwanted gaps, straighten wonky molars or put in veneers, a new smile can really polish their looks.

Some famous faces have completely transformed their appearances by bagging a perfect Hollywood smile.

Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis’s dentist has worked some serious magic on his mouth.

As a child, the Leeds-born star’s gnashers were off-white and very uneven but he’s now sporting a superstar-style gleaming grin.

Both Cheryl Cole and Tulisa Contostavlos became two of the nation’s favourite glossy X Factor judges after having their celebrity teeth fixed.

Beforehand, Cheryl was rocking some dodgy pointy fangs and Tulisa had an unflattering gummy laugh.

I’m A Celebrity’s Shaun Ryder admitted that his mouth went ‘funny’ after ‘copious amount of drug abuse’ but he’s now a new man with an expensive set of pearly whites.

‘They’re actually industrial diamonds, like what they stuck on the space shuttle with,’ says Shaun.

‘They’re worth about 25 grand.’

Others only tweak their celebrity teeth a little.

Kimberley Walsh, Jon Bon Jovi and Eva Longoria all appear to be sporting much whiter ivories than they used to, while rapper Nelly has had his gangster-style gold tooth removed.

Although most celebs seem to be satisfied with their orthodontic work, others have some pretty unpleasant experiences while altering their celebrity teeth.

‘I had 20 teeth shaved down to stumps in one appointment. It was hell,’ reveals Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton.

‘When I left the clinic five hours later I was in agony. It felt like electricity was running through my teeth

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