See all the stars with babies on the way...

It’s always very exciting when a celebrity announces that they’re having a baby.

Whether they’re expecting a little boy or girl – or even multiple babies – we love hearing all about pregnant celebrities.

Our gallery makes sure you’re up-to-date with which famous faces currently have a bun in the oven and when they revealed their happy news.

It must be tricky for those in the spotlight to decide how they’re going to tell the world that they have a baby on the way.

Some pregnant celebrities prefer to release statements and stay away from the limelight for most of their nine-month pregnancies.

Others choose a more personal method, using their social media pages to confirm directly to fans that they’re starting or expanding their families.

Occasionally, they’ll tease followers with telling photos of pregnancy tests, ultrasound scans or tiny baby clothes.

These pregnant celebrities are sure to receive thousands of congratulatory messages from devotees, who’ll be desperate to know all their gossip throughout the next few months.

Of course, we all want to see celebs’ baby bumps and to find out what crazy names they’re planning to give their nippers.

After the birth, everyone’s looking forward to seeing that adorable first baby photo.

One thing’s for sure – when these tots finally make their entrance, they’re going to be some pretty privileged youngsters.

We’re imagining designer all-in-ones, super-expensive prams, famous playmates, luxurious holidays, extravagant toy collections and bedrooms fit for royalty.

Lucky kids!

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