See the couple in happier times before the split...

Before he makes Yvonne Connolly his wife, Ronan Keating meets her as a teenager in County Kildare, Ireland.

Ronan is a track and field athlete and works part-time in a shoe shop. However, he finds fame after joining Louis Walsh’s Boyzone at the age of 16.

In February 1998, Ronan’s beloved mother Marie Keating dies of breast cancer at the age of 52. He admits to having ‘lost the plot a bit’.

Yvonne stays strong for him and they marry on the Caribbean isle of Nevis on 30 April 1998, when she’s 24 and he’s 21.

‘We had been walking and I asked her to marry me,’ Ronan remembers. ‘I made some calls and found somebody on the island to marry us.’

Now husband and wife, Ronan Keating and Yvonne get their marriage blessed in a church ceremony in Ireland in front of 30 of their friends and family later that year.

They welcome son Jack on 15 March 1999 and daughter Marie on 18 February 2001. With support from his wife, Ronan Keating releases his solo album Destination in May 2002.

Ronan and Yvonne’s marriage appears strong as his solo career takes off and their second daughter Ali arrives on 7 September 2005.

It’s clear that Ronan is still smitten with Yvonne as they celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in April 2008.

‘My wife is my rock. I’m very lucky,’ he says.

But the couple’s relationship is rocked when Boyzone backing dancer Francine Cornell is alleged to have had an affair with the star in May 2010.

Ronan and Yvonne reveal they’ve ended their 12-year marriage but later manage to patch things up and are reunited two months later.

Unfortunately, they confirm that they’ve split for good on 1 April 2012.

‘Sadly our news is true. Thank u all for your support. Yvonne and I still love and care for each other and want to protect our kids. X,’ Tweets Ronan.