After teasing, tears and tantrums, will Shabby ever get the girl?


After entering Big Brother, Shabby and Caoimhe instantly become good friends.

Shabby Katchadourian is openly gay. Caoimhe Guilfoyle has a boyfriend but admits she could fancy a girl if the right one came along. Shabby is smitten by the Irish beauty and their rocky friendship has the nation hooked.

Shabby starts to fall for Caoimhe, but doesn’t think she she can tell her and keeps it to herself.

Eventually, she spills her feelings. While Caoimhe is flattered, she says she doesn’t feel the same way. Caoimhe struggles to deal with Shabby’s intense emotions and admits that she only sees her as a good friend.

Shabby is devastated. But after she passes a task and wins a date with Caoimhe, she can’t help but show her excitement.

After their dinner date on Big Brother, Shabby and Caoimhe discuss their relationship and agree to stay friends. However, it’s clear that Shabby isn’t over her crush.

When the pair – alongside Sunshine – are up for eviction in the third week, Shabby says that she’ll leave if Caoimhe is evicted.

Their friendship hits a rocky patch after Caoimhe playfully gropes one of Shabby’s boobs in the garden.

The Irish student is later warned by Ife that Big Brother will edit the footage to make out that her feelings for Shabby are mutual.

Caoimhe is concerned about being portrayed as a lesbian by the media and decides to avoid Shabby.

‘It’s not fair to [my boyfriend], it’s not fair to me,’ she insists.

Shabby says Caoimhe ‘doesn’t give a sh*t’ about her feelings. But the girls make up after a heated discussion and come to the conclusion that they simply have a ‘strong connection’.

Following an argument with Ife at a party held by Big Brother, Caoimhe and Shabby talk about leaving the house.

Shabby quits after spending 27 days with her fellow housemates. Caoimhe leaves after 15 more days, saying she loves her boyfriend and misses him.

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