See the sexy guys and girls from this year's Battle Of The Islands


Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands is back and better than
ever! This year a new group of sexy guys and girls find themselves on a
remote desert island where they’ll compete for £100,000 prize money.

hotties are separated into two tribes – the Tigers and Sharks. With
just basic rations to keep them going as they take part in tasks, which
team will come out on top?

The Tigers and the Sharks fight to win, unaware that Hawk Island decides their fate. See who comes out victorious when the show is aired Sunday 13 July on Channel 4.

Every week two newcomers must decide between Shark Island and Tiger Island. The winning island must then pick one of them to stay. The reject gets sent to the secret island run by the Hawks.

The islanders are certainly an attractive bunch and are sure to keep viewers entertained. Let’s meet some of the Shipwrecked hopefuls.

Survival expert Nick Weston certainly knows his stuff, while model Tom Turner is happy to show off his six-pack.

Shaw has fitted in well with the boys. Meanwhile Vicky Boast is rocking
some vibrant summery bikinis and model Sarah Davison is flaunting her
toned figure.

Ricky Andrews has got a bronzed look thanks to living on the island but Welsh girl Keris Hopkins is much paler.

For some contestants the Shipwrecked experience must come as quite a shock. Privileged Lara Goodison has never had to work before taking part in the show.

Others have found novel ways to avoid boredom on the island. Jack Collins brought playing cards along to keep entertained.

looks to be trouble brewing amongst the tribes. Shark girl Faith Oyegun
goes undercover to get information from the Tigers on their island.

With this group of hotties fighting for survival, we’re going to be glued to Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands.