See the troublemaker give his mum Dot Branning a festive surprise...


EastEndersNick Cotton is known for causing trouble on Albert Square.

Since his first appearance in 1985, villainous Nick
– played by John Altman – has been in trouble on numerous occasions and
it looks like there’s more to come from the infamous bad boy.

Long-suffering mum Dot Branning (June Brown) is shocked to see her son Nick Cotton arrive at her front door at Christmas.

After years of abuse at the hands of her son, Dot is cold towards Nick and avoids eye contact with him as he sits at her kitchen table.

Nick tries to win round his mum with his infamous smooth talking that he’s become known for on EastEnders.

Dot kindly lets Nick stay for one drink then asks him to leave. Nick seems sad at the effect he’s had on his mum.

The Albert Square baddie explains that he wants Dot to meet someone. Nick then surprises his mother by introducing her to his daughter Dotty (Molly Conlin).

After meeting Dotty, a hopeful Dot starts to believe that dastardly Nick Cotton might have changed. The grandmother is pleased to see that her son is now a doting family man.

But Nick admits to Dot that he is thieving to make a living. Dot looks furious and turns her back away while Nick tries to explain that he wants to change for the sake of his daughter.

Dot is shocked to discover that Nick and Dotty have been sleeping rough. Yet just as Dot becomes convinced of Nick‘s transformation, she spots him drinking.

Poor Dot is torn about what to do. Has Nick Cotton really changed? See all the action unfold in EastEnders on Christmas Day on BBC1.