Forget dry January, these boozy buys are too good to resist!

We reveal the coolest alcoholic drinks that should be gracing your drinks trolley for the year to come…

The cider

Forget your preconceived notions of home brews being exclusively for older guys, Greater Good are here to show you that home brewing is cool. Billed as the world’s simplest and quickest way to make your own alcoholic drinks, you’ll be able to have your very own, homemade cider that’s lower in sugar and contains half the calories of a regular glass in just 72 hours. Choose from two flavours, 308 Vintage Apple Cider or Black Heart Dark Fruit, both available in ‘the pinter’ for £10 you’ll get 10 pints of refreshing, real cider,


The rum

This year, rum gets a shake up with infusions of natural flavours, Aluna Coconut, £24.95, is made with toasted coconut, blended with rum from Guatemala and the Caribbean and contains a fraction of the sugar found in other coconut rums. We like it best stirred into a dark hot chocolate, perfect for warming up on wintery days,


The gin

We’re calling it, Portobello Road Gin is thegin of 2019, perfectly blended from nine botanicals including Angelica Root, Cassia Bark and Coriander Seed on the iconic Portobello Rd, it’s pure perfection. Try it with ice, a good tonic and a twist of grapefruit.


The brandy

Shipwreck Single Cask, £36.50, is a Somerset Cider Brandy that has been aged in oak barrels that were rescued from a modern day shipwreck, how exciting! When the barrels came ashore on a cute beach in Branscombe, the distillery bought some to use, the result is a classic sipping brandy that you’ll love!


The vodka

Loved by chef Mark Hix and served in all of his fabulous bars, is the interesting sounding Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka, £25.75. Made purely from the milk of grass grazed cows, it’s one of the smoothest vodkas in the world and is delicious served ice cold as a dirty martini,



As the main ingredient of one of the world’s best cocktails, the Caipirinha, everyone should own a bottle of cachaça. Velho Barreiro, £19.75, is one of the best, doubled distilled in oak vasts makes it dreamy to drink and bloody strong, cheers!