Check out who's gone under the knife to have a breast enhancement or reduction...

It isn’t uncommon for stars to enhance their celebrity boobs.

Plenty of famous faces have admitted to getting surgery to boost their bra size, spending thousands on their new curvaceous shapes.

Despite being super-gorgeous celebrities, some admit that they go under the knife for a boob job because they aren’t confident about their bodies.

Celebrity Kym Marsh says she’d been self-conscious about her boobs for a ‘long, long time’, while The Hills’ Heidi Montag reveals that she was made fun of in her younger years.

Others aren’t happy with how their breasts look in clothes.

‘I was sick of not fitting into my tops,’ explains Kelly Rowland.

‘I simply went from an A-cup to a B-cup. I didn’t want to have double-Ds and be little bitty size two – that would look nuts!’

EastEnders’ Lacey Turner says: ‘I didn’t do it to look sexy. I felt odd and out of proportion. My body looked wrong.

‘I don’t regret it. I think my body looks the way it should now. I’m proud I had the operation.’

Some aren’t pleased with the change in their boobs after having children.

‘After I had my baby, my boobs disappeared. They looked like two saggy old condoms,’ quips S Club 7’s Jo O’Meara.

Plenty of the girls in our gallery are thrilled with the results of their boob job, with Hollyoaks’ Gemma Merna calling hers ‘the best thing she’s ever done’.

Reality star Brooke Hogan reckons her celebrity boobs ‘definitely look pretty’.

But others later regret their decision.

‘Right after the surgery, I had some bumps along the edges of my nipples, but the doctor said: “Don?t worry, it?s going to be better,”‘ Tara Reid tells fans.

‘But after six months of “it?s going to get better,” it started to get worse and worse.’

Denise Richards has since been through a boob job reduction, admitting about her initial enlargement: ‘I was young and should have researched better. You know, it was a big mistake.’

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