Check out how pop star Kelly Clarkson’s body has changed over the years

Kelly Clarkson has battled with her weight for her entire life.

We’ve seen the pop star fluctuate throughout her many years in the spotlight, from her 2007 weight gain to losing 30lbs in 2012, which has since been gained again following her first pregnancy.

Kelly has spoken about her struggles on several occasions, even admitting to suffering from bulimia at a young age when a slimmer singer stole her part in her high school musical.

‘I thought if I came back and I was cuter and thinner, then I’d get the role,’ Kelly admits. ‘It wasn’t smart… and I became bulimic for the next six months.’

When we first see Kelly on the original series of American Idol in 2002 – as shown in our first picture – she boasts a slim but healthy figure with no signs of her prior eating disorder. As the years go by, her weight fluctuates subtly until 2006 when she is pictured with a fuller face and larger, less toned figure.

But by 2009, Kelly is back to her slim self when performing at the American Music Awards in LA.

2011 sees the starlet lose even more weight, showcasing her incredible figure whilst filming the video for Darkside.

Kelly has lost even more weight when pictured at the New York Entertainment Weekly/ABC Upfronts Party in 2012 and admits that she has shed an incredible 30lbs. Kelly’s trainer, Nora James, reveals the weight loss is down to two hours of training each day and a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables.

When Kelly becomes pregnant towards the end of 2013, she regains some of the weight she has worked hard to lose. But soon after she announces she’s expecting, Kelly admits she’s perfectly happy to gain the weight through carrying her first child:

‘Everybody calls me fat all the time, so I can’t wait to have a reason, instead of everybody just being a jerk… I’ve never been Gisele Bundchen, so ain’t nobody expecting that!’ she says.

‘I like to set a standard so people don’t expect a lot.’

Kelly’s daughter, River Rose Blackstock, is born in June 2014. Sources say the singer gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy while she stayed out of the public eye – but add that she’s ‘in no rush’ to lose it.

In her latest appearances during February 2015 – performing at London club G-A-Y and leaving the BBC Radio 1 studio – Kelly Clarkson is bigger than her pre-pregnancy weight, but we are loving the curves!

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