Check out how Jodie Kidd's looks have changed over the years


Stunning catwalk model Jodie Kidd has changed a lot over the years. Born on 25 September 1978 in Guildford, 36-year-old Jodie has always maintained a slim physique and gorgeous face.

The blonde beauty was a right little cutie as a child. Check out the first two pictures in our gallery where Jodie rocks gorgeous blonde locks and, as an eight-year-old, a cheeky grin!

Jodie was always destined for a career in modelling. Spotted at just 15 years old, she took part in various shows as a teen and at a tiny size 6, Jodie became famous for her skinny figure. Our photo of Jodie in Barbados is very different to photos ofthe world-famous model now.

These days Jodie is a gorgeous size 10.

One of the ways she maintains her fab body is by show jumping, a hobby she began at a young age. She also enjoys polo, motor racing and golf.

At 29, Jodie revealed: ‘I’m pushing thirty now and I’ve done all the catwalks, I’ve done all the shoots. All the girls are half my age: I’m a grandma and I need my Zimmer frame to get down a catwalk.’


In 2011, Jodie gave birth to a boy called Indio with her then-husband Andrea Vianini, an Argentinian polo player.

As our pictures show, Jodie rcoked a gorgeous bump when she was pregnant and, after her son arrived, she soon bounced back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Although her face has always stayed young and flawless, Jodie’s hair has changed A LOT over the years. From short brown crops to long crimped blonde hair, this model has tried it all.

Check out our gallery for the changing face and body of Jodie Kidd