See how the actress's looks have developed over the years


Emilia Fox has gone through quite a transformation since coming to fame in the early 1990s.

The first picture in our gallery shows Emilia – who’s the daughter of actors Edward Fox and Joanna David – before she followed in her thespian parents’ footsteps.

The 1994 snap sees a 20-year-old Emilia looking naturally pretty with loose brunette locks, a rounded face and very little make-up.

She makes her television debut alongside Colin Firth in an adaptation of Pride And Prejudice a year later. By 1997, she’s lost her puppy fat and is sporting a mousy bob for ITV’s Rebecca.

Emilia appears in 1998’s The Round Tower with a blonder style. A fan of changing up her ‘do, this certainly isn’t the last time she experiments with her hair colour.

She tries out various fair shades, including a Marilyn Monroe-esque platinum mane in 2001 and a golden hue in 2009.

In 2002, Emilia wows by revamping her appearance with dramatic dark tresses. She tries lighter browns both later that year and in 2008.

The London-born star has also given red lengths a go.

When it comes to her make-up, Emilia enjoys mixing up her palette. She’s a big fan of smoky eyes but seems just as confident with a more minimal look.

As for her pout, Emilia’s gone feminine with pink lipstick, vampy with red tones and fuss-free with nude gloss.

Usually fairly pale-skinned, she’s bronzed and glamorous for the BAFTAs in London in 2013.

Despite clearly having a lot of fun playing around with different cosmetics, Emilia is more than happy to look a little rough around the edges for work.

In 2000’s The Wrong Side Of The Rainbow, she’s transformed into a young homeless woman with dark circles under her eyes and lank greasy tendrils.

Read on to see how else Emilia has changed her appearance over the years…