See how glamour model Jordan has changed over the years...


With a fresh face in 1995, Katie Price is 100% natural as she kick-starts her modelling career at just 17.

After sending a picture to an agency, Katie features in The Sun five days in a row. A year later, Katie adopts the name Jordan to match her new job title.

?When I first started out, Katie Price did not have the right presence about it,? she says.

?However, the name Jordan did sound appropriate for a modelling name.?

Looking more like a Page 3 girl, Katie enhances her 32B bust to a much bigger 32DD and starts wearing a full face of make-up.

In 2001, the glamour model pouts a very full pair of lips during a night out at London club Chinawhite.

Katie – who rarely bares her face without thick false lashes and bright lipstick – admits she’s a fan of Botox in 2003, saying: ‘I get my forehead and around my eyes Botoxed every six months and I love it.

‘You can’t beat it. It just freezes all the wrinkles and that’s what you want but I’d never have a full facelift.

‘I’ve seen what they can do to people and I don’t want to go through that.’

During a stint in Australia filming I’m A Celebrity, Katie Price falls for singer Peter Andre who tells her he’s not a fan of plastic surgery.

?I don’t want you ending up like Michael Jackson,? Peter tells her.

?I’d rather you’re still with me when you’re 100 than pop your clogs at 42 looking amazing because the anaesthetic finally takes its toll.?

In 2007, Katie jets to LA for more surgery, declaring: ‘I am totally plastic and proud!?

She credits a mild chemical peel with clearing her complexion.

‘Oh my God, it burned like hell!’ she admits. ‘The next day I had this hideous red rash on my chin but two days later there wasn’t a single spot left.’

Katie goes under the knife again in 2008 to have her nose made more slimline and treats herself to a new set of £25,000 teeth just a few months later.

In pain from the procedure, Katie announces that she doesn’t want to have any more surgery but continues to have Botox in the years that follow.

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