See how the reality star has altered over the years...

With an incredible figure and a gorgeous face, Kim Kardashian is the envy of thousands.

But as our gallery shows, Kim Kardashian’s look has changed over the years.

Sporting a bare face, Kim Kardashian showcases her natural beauty as a 14-year-old teenager in our first picture.

‘We grew up with privilege so we knew our standards were high… [and] if we wanted to keep it, we had to work hard,’ says Kim about her early life.

Ten years later aged 24 – a year after her divorce from music producer Damon Thomas is finalised – Kim’s face looks slimmer and her locks longer.

As she and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe open their store D-A-S-H in 2006, Kim channels a sleek hairdo and smoky eye make-up.

Not long after in 2009, Kim Kardashian changes her look again as she steps out with a neat hairline.

But following an allergic reaction to Botox – which makes her skin look tighter on her face – Kim Kardashian vows to leave her face alone for the time being, stating: ‘I’m never doing this again… at least not until I’m 40.’

Despite swearing to stay natural, Kim Kardashian is very preened on Lorraine Live in London in 2012 and admits that she’s had Botox again.

‘I didn’t like having Botox at the corner of my eyes and I still don’t think I need it there, but I’d have it in my forehead,’ she says.

‘In fact, I have had it since, just right there in the middle of my eyebrows.’

But when it comes to her look, Kim Kardashian‘s most drastic changes involve swapping her hair colour and make-up.

In 2013, she steps out with blonde locks and opts for a new-make up routine which sees her sport less foundation and lighter lashes.

And in 2014, the star – who’d married Kanye West that May – follows the trend of bleaching her eyebrows for a photo shoot.