See how the singer's looks have changed

Perrie Edwards’ appearance has changed quite considerably over the years.

The singer – who found fame with Little Mix in 2011 – has learnt some clever face-altering make-up tricks.

During her time on The X Factor, Perrie has a flawless complexion and a radiant youthful glow.

Towards the end of 2012, the sassy star gets a bit more experimental with smoky eye shadows and bright lipsticks.

In 2013, Little Mix are asked if any of them would undergo plastic surgery and though most of them answer ‘no’, Perrie simply says: ‘But we don’t know how we’re going to feel when we’re 40.’

Perrie Edwards’ mum Deborah is forced to deny that her daughter has had any work done in January 2014.

She takes to Twitter to set the record straight about rumours that Perrie visited a surgeon to have fillers injected in her top lip.

Please tell those haters that perrie didnt put silicones in her upper lip! tell them please. my head is going to explode>.,’ Tweets one Mixer.

Deborah replies: ‘So silly xx.’

A snap posted to Little Mix’s Instagram in May 2014 sees Perrie fooling around with bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock.

While Leigh-Anne looks glam with red lips and black eyeliner, Perrie goes au naturel aside from her eyebrows, which look much thicker and darker than they used to be.

Perrie’s new look doesn’t seem to go down well with fans.

Perrie, you are so pretty, what happened to your face? What happened to your eyebrows?, are so big,’ comments one.

Another states: ‘What happened to perries eyebrows.’

Perrie’s appearance raises a few questions again that October when her lips appear to be rather plump.

Although the star has always had a naturally full mouth, she seems poutier than ever in the image of her cuddling her dog and smiling into the camera.

Both Perrie’s top and bottom lips look larger than usual but it might well just be some good work applying lipliner for that contoured look.