Look back on how Patsy's looks have developed


Patsy Kensit has gone through quite a transformation since first coming to fame in the 1970s.

The actress was just a child when she began her career in adverts for Birds Eye’s frozen peas. She went on to appear in a number of television shows and films during her younger years.

As the first image in our gallery shows, nine-year-old Patsy is a picture of innocence starring as Emma Prince in TV programme The Foundation in 1977.

Throughout the early 1980s, Patsy grows into a pretty teen. By the time she celebrates her 18th birthday in 1986, she’s blossomed into a stunning siren with a bleach blonde crop.

While Patsy keeps her fair locks throughout adulthood, she does try out a brunette look for 1990 movie Chicago Joe And The Showgirl.

The year before, Patsy had showed off her natural beauty acting alongside Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 2. The flick makes her a recognisable face worldwide.

Patsy later begins experimenting more with make-up.

Modelling for designer Ben De Lisi at London Fashion Week in 1997, she looks vampy with smoky eyeshadow and a slick of red lipstick.

The star often highlights her plump pout with lashings of gloss and showcases her defined cheekbones with carefully-placed blusher and bronzer.

In 2005, Patsy admits that she’s tried cosmetic procedures on her face. However, she vows not to undergo anymore treatments as she fears they may affect her acting abilities.

‘I’ve had temporary things done in the past but that’s not me now. As an actress I have to show expressions,’ she says.

Patsy proves she isn’t afraid to go au naturel when she relaxes in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2015 with minimal make-up on.

She also displays a very on-trend set of dark eyebrows.

Read on to see how Patsy’s looks have changed over the years…