The changing face of Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s look has evolved dramatically over the years.

During her Spice Girls days, at the youngest we knew her, Posh sported her trademark brown bob.

1999 saw Victoria chop off her locks into a pixie crop, making her face look more mature.

In 2001, Posh’s long locks were back. In the above picture, Victoria’s choice of bandana and interesting red makeuptransforms her face.

By 2004, Victoria had long blonde hair and,in this picture with husband David, sports a much more mature, structured face.

Victoria’s trademark brown bob was back in 2006 and dyed platinum blonde by June 2007, completely transforming Victoria’s look. Add some fake tan, and we barely recognise Victoria.

The brown hair and Beckham smoulder appeared in 2008, and Posh finally started to become the style Queen we now know and love.

By 2010, we see Victoria with slicked back hair and killer cheekbones. Her heavy eye makeup transforms the businesswoman’s face.

Victoria is launching her fashion range in Germany in the snap from 2013, where she sports long locks, slick makeup and a trademark stare to complete her chic look. There’s our VB!

But this week has seen fashionista Victoria take on a whole new look, which has completely transformed her face. 

Stepping out at the Alexander McQueen gala with husband David on her arm, something about Victoria had changed. With her long brown tresses unusually tussled, a dress that pushed up her cleavage in avery un-Posh fashion and brown makeup slicked heavily across her eyes, Victoria Beckham didn’t look like the fashion queen that we all know and love.

In fact, we’re not sure we like this style at all. But Victoria’s look has changed so much over the years, we reckon it’s only a matter of time until the old, chic Posh is back and melting our hearts with that killer smoulder.