The former EastEnders star's weight goes up and down...

Natalie Cassidy has become known for her yo-yoing weight.
Since landing the role of Sonia Fowler in EastEnders aged 10 back in
1993, the actress’s shape has continually changed. We take a look at
how Natalie’s shape has varied over the years.

In 2000, Natalie happily shows off her curves in pink sequins to attend An Audience With Ricky Martin.

But the Londoner covers her figure up at a launch party in 2001 where she appears to be at her heaviest.

Natalie Cassidy is spotted in some unflattering outfits in 2003, including a tracksuit, and seems unhappy with her modest chest.

The following year she proudly flaunts her boob job, which takes her from a 36A to a 36D.

Deciding to shift some weight, Natalie enlists the help of a personal trainer in 2005 before announcing that she’s leaving EastEnders in 2006.

Suddenly things change – the actress unveils a dramatically slimmed-down bod in August 2007.

She releases a workout DVD, which becomes the fastest-selling fitness DVD ever. The new Natalie Cassidy poses for a series of promotional shots in skimpy sportswear.

After losing weight, Natalie feels better than ever and showcases her lean figure in a bikini on holiday in 2008.

later in the year the TV star starts to put the pounds back on. After a
relationship break-up, Natalie fights to get fit again. In late 2009
she takes part in Strictly Come Dancing and enjoys it more than the gym,
but fears she’ll gain weight afterwards.

Natalie Cassidy announces she’s pregnant in March 2010, giving her a fresh start away from yo-yo dieting.

The actress welcomes baby Eliza with boyfriend Adam Cottrell later in the year and looks trim a few months after giving birth.

In 2012 the actress’s shape fluctuates but she ends the year by baring her size 10 body for a sexy Now photoshoot.