These guys have gone from grotty to hottie

There are so many incredibly sexy celebrity men in the world – but not all of them have always been quite so polished.

Whether they’ve changed their hair, bulked up, lost weight, altered their smile or simply developed a different dress sense, these VIPS have gone from grotty to hottie.

One very famous example is Kaiser Chiefs singer and The Voice coach Ricky Wilson.

The Yorkshire-born star started off his career in the spotlight with a rather unkempt appearance.

Ricky had flat hair that got in his eyes as he performed plus he sported a rotund tummy.

It was also clear that fashion wasn’t a particular interest to him either – he wore baggy jeans, zipped-up jackets and uncoordinated colours.

Fast forward a few years and Ricky is virtually unrecognisable. His physique has become more toned and lean and he’s rocking stylish ensembles.

Ricky’s locks are cut into a sleek and sophisticated quiff.

Peter Andre is another famous face who’s undergone a transformation. After a chubby phase – which saw him don shapeless garments and questionable accessories, he becomes a hunk with thousands of female admirers.

The singer’s chin is dotted with alluring stubble and his toned torso is evident each time he steps out.

It isn’t just musicians who have enjoyed a makeover. Actors and sport stars have totally changed the way they look.

David Beckham went from a young lad with greasy curtains and a tracksuit to one of the world’s most lusted after men. Lucky Victoria!

Meanwhile Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens has gone from geek to chic since finding fame on the popular period drama.

Once a fan of ill-fitting blazers and unattractive shoes, he’s never out of smartly tailored suits these days.

Read on to find out who else has blossomed from an Average Joe to a super-fit babe.