The birds and the blokes starring in new reality show The Only Way Is Essex...

ITV2’s series The Only Way Is Essex is a real-life soap opera which follows a group of youngsters living the glamorous Essex lifestyle.

The blend between soap, reality and documentary features nail bars, tanning salons, nightclubs and lots of drama.

TOWIE features a string of hot girls and guys who love to look their best. Amy Childs, Sam Faiers and Jessica Wright all rock stylish LBDs in our pictures to promote their show.

The series focuses on the gang’s relationship troubles too. Lauren Goodger is the girlfriend of ‘playboy’ Mark Wright. Mark was her first ever boyfriend and she reckons she is tired of being treated badly by him.

Mark is a club promoter who loves his nan, good-looking women and partying. Mark has been in an on-off relationship with Lauren for almost 9 years.

‘When you think of Essex and you think of money, good looks, tanned people and people who go out socialising who have got a good life, I can’t think of anyone who’s got a better life than me,’ he says.

Other TOWIE couples include James ‘Arg’ Argent and Lydia Bright, whose love is compared to a Sex And The City-style romance by Lydia.

‘James looks like Mr Big and I think I look a bit like Carrie Bradshaw,’ she says.

Fellow Essex residents Lucy Mecklenburgh, Kirk Norcross and the suitably-named Joey Essex all make TOWIE addictive viewing.

The cast’s family members often pop up on screen too – Kirk’s dad Micky Norcross gets set up with feisty blonde Gemma Collins while Mark Wright’s grandmother Nanny Pat dispenses advice to the youngsters.

‘Get on with life, look after yourself and don’t do anything silly,’ she says.

One thing’s for certain – life with the TOWIE crew is never dull.