These famous names certainly aren't afraid to show off their celebrity bums...


Celebrity bums have become a bit of a phenomenon of late – and it’s a trend we can totally get behind (Geddit? Behind? Anyone? Sorry…).


Perhaps it all started when one of the most famous bottoms of all started hogging the headlines. Kim Kardashian, we’re looking at you and your famously ample derriere!

Or maybe it dates back to the Jennifer Lopez era. The Latino singer was always famed for her impressive butt and even released a single called Booty last year.

Either way, celebrity bums are all the rage right now, with everyone from reality stars to Hollywood’s finest showing off their tushs with no inhibitions.

In fact we see so much bootyage these days that we could probably match the bottom to the celeb without even seeing their face!

Can you guess who the owners of the celebrity bums in our gallery are? Click through our cheeky pictures above and find out!

It all starts with a young reality star whose shapely bod is hitting the headlines just as much as her older sisters’. She might only be in her teens but she’s already confident about baring her butt in a very daring bikini. Guess who she is yet?

She’s not the only one to bring out the booty in revealing swimwear. Can you figure out which Essex girl has got an enviably pert behind in a gorgeous yellow two-piece?

Another famous lady opts for a striking red swimsuit to expose her generous bottom and she’s certainly giving her famous older sister a run for her money…

Not all celebrity bums make themselves known at the beach though. Check out the British pop star working a pair of summery micro shorts whilst visiting an aquarium – we want.

Others do it in their gym gear, such as a former Made In Chelsea star who shows off her toned tush in some incredibly tight leggings – brave girl!

See how many stars you can identify by their behinds in our celebrity bums quiz!

Anna Francis