Look back on the pair's rocky romance

Charlie Sims and Ferne McCann have been through quite a roller-coaster together.

The TOWIE couple first hook up when they’re in their late teens. This is way before they become two of the country’s most recognisable faces on the ITV reality show.

When they first appear on TOWIE – also known as The Only Way Is Essex – in 2013, Ferne and Charlie seem smitten and totally solid.

However, they end up splitting a few months later when it’s revealed Charlie has cheated. He then admits to sleeping with 20 girls since their break-up. EEK!

Ferne is heartbroken but decides to give Charlie a second chance after he declares his undying love.

‘I owe it to the amazing relationship we’ve had for three years to try to make a go of things,’ she says.

Charlie seems to have learnt his lesson, admitting: ‘I was selfish at the time and I wasn’t thinking about her and her feelings. The only reason I can give for it was that I was young and immature.

‘But I believe things happen for a reason and doing all of that made me realise how much I needed Ferne and wanted her back.’

Unfortunately for the pair, things still aren’t plain sailing. In 2014, it’s revealed that Ferne’s had a fling with businessman Frank Major. Although ‘hurt’ and ‘bitter’, Charlie forgives her.

‘Of all the things I’ve done in my life, I wish I could erase that. I really regret it. It was a huge mistake but one I had to make to realise how much I loved Charlie,’ says Ferne.

Aside from a short rocky patch during TOWIE’s stint in Marbella in 2014, Ferne and Charlie seem fairly stable after this.

She supports him at the opening of his Brentwood deli in June and he does the same when she launches a blog in February 2015.

But that March, tensions begin to grow between the pair on TOWIE and Charlie makes the shock announcement that he’s leaving the programme.

It’s then confirmed that they’ve split after Charlie gave Ferne the ultimatum: ‘It’s me or the show.’
Read on to see Ferne and Charlie’s love story in pictures…

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