Millie Mackintosh eats some seriously yummy grub

She’s got one of the hottest bodies in showbiz but it’s not just celery sticks and lettuce leaves for Millie Mackintosh. Oh no, no, no.

The former Made In Chelsea star eats some absolutely delicious looking food. Just look through our gallery and we guarantee you’ll be drooling!

Thought fry-ups were off the menu? Not for Millie Mackintosh. Check out her yummy breakfast photos of bacon, eggs and sausages. Proof that even the slimmest of stars eat fattening foods.

Millie is a big fan of eggs by the looks of things as several of her brunch photos show. Poached, scrambled… she eats them all!

Despite rocking super-flat abs, Millie is definitely a carb fan and isn’t afraid of bread and pasta. Check out her gorgeous-looking spaghetti dish, which she described as‘carbocide’. Teehee.

Oh and when it comes to a big English roast, Ms Mackintosh certainly doesn’t cut corners. Millie’s roast photos show humongous Yorkshire puddings, proper roast potatoes and lashings of gravy!

Millie knows how to use up her leftovers too and has posted various photos on her Instagram showing off her next-day meals, including left-over beef ramen and an absolutely incredible beef and spelt stew. Yum-my!

Next to the photo of her stew, Millie wrote: ‘No waste in this house’.

Yes, that’s what we like to see!

Millie’s foods are all pretty nutritious. Need some breakfast inspiration? How about following in Millie’s foodie footsteps and munching on a bowl of quinoa granola, complete with plenty of antioxidant-packed blueberries? Delish.

Chocolates certainly aren’t off the menu for Millie. She posted this snap of a very sweet looking box of choccies with the hashtag, ‘#foodcoma’. We are SO glad that Millie enjoys naughty food treats. It makes us feel far less guilty when we devour a bar of Cadbury’s!

How about Millie’s amazing room service spread? Complete with prawns, olives, fish and various meats, we’re hungry just looking at this photo.

Check out more pics of what Millie really eats in our gallery…