See how the bloggers' relationship has progressed

Zoella and Alfie Deyes thrilled fans when they confirmed their romance in 2013.

But we chart how YouTube celebrities Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – and Alfie already had a long history between them before they became an item.

Ahead of their meeting, Alfie is spotted commenting on Zoella’s videos. It’s thought that they’re finally introduced to each other in person in 2012.

Followers almost immediately start ‘shipping’ the pair, hoping that they’ll one day get together.

Pretty Wiltshire-born Zoella reveals that fans have been ‘overanalysing’ their pictures and videos in an attempt to decipher whether they’re hiding a romance.

They even coin the nickname Zalfie for them.

That September, Zoella and Alfie shoot their first YouTube collaboration. They upload more than one film together, including one of Alfie doing Zoella’s make-up.

In February 2013, Zoella gets followers excited by sharing a video of her and Alfie talking about love and relationships a few days before Valentine’s day.

The pair become part of a close group of vlogger friends. Their pals include online sensations Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Niomi Smart and Tyler Oakley.

Zoella suffers from social anxiety and has spoken about being hurt by men in the past, revealing on a clip named Bad Relationships & Breakups that she’d been ‘lied to, cheated on and betrayed’ by an ex.

But by August 2013, it’s clear that she trusts Alfie enough to hook up with him – even though he’s four years younger than her. That month, Zoella finally confirms that they’re dating via a blog post on her website.

They’d been rumbled after Zoella’s laptop was spotted in the background of friend Jim’s vlog, featuring a desktop picture of her and Alfie looking smitten on holiday.

Despite having come clean about being a couple, Zoella and Alfie insist they want ‘privacy’ and try not to be too lovey-dovey on their YouTube channels.

However, they both start sharing sweet pictures of themselves together on Instagram.