Mud, tears, celebs and a shed load of crazy-happy-dancing people. Check out all the best snaps of Glastonbury 2016...

Glastonbury 2016 is has been and gone, people!

[GIF] Glastonburymud

There was mud. There were tents. There was THE LOOS! But above all, there was a ton of celebs partying and even more crazy-happy-people partying like nobody is watching.


So, while you’re sat at home, comforted by the fact you have a working loo and a hot shower a few steps away, why not take a moment to check out all the pictures of how this year’s festival totally kicked off.

Actually, why not make a cup of tea while you browse, because well, you can, and you don’t have to be in soggy wellies whilst sipping contently on it.