See how the presenter's body has changed

Gregg Wallace‘s body has gone through quite a transformation over the past few years.


The TV presenter has been interested in food since a young age. He starts his career selling vegetables at a stand in Covent Garden before becoming a very successful greengrocer.

Gregg – who was born in London on 17 October 1964 – begins co-presenting radio show Veg Talk and then moves into television.


He later admits that this is around the time he’s at his biggest, saying: ‘I was over 14st and really living the high life… fat and drunk.

‘The weight had crept on because I’ve been eating out and drinking for five or six nights a week for 20 years. Plus I’’m a rugby boy and a bit of a beer monster.’

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Alongside co-host John Torode, Gregg joins MasterChef in 2005 and becomes a household name.

In our pictures, he’s sporting a paunch, a rounded face and a double chin. But he decides to change his lifestyle after being warned that he’s in danger of having a heart attack.

Gregg also admits to wanting to look more attractive on television.


He joins Weight Watchers and starts working out at the gym. By 2012, he’s sporting a much slimmer physique and reveals that he’s lost a very impressive 2st.

Gregg proudly tells fans: ‘Now my cholesterol’s down, my BMI’s sorted and my waist has gone from 42in to 32in.’

After this, Gregg successfully manages to keep his weight off. And when he joins Strictly Come Dancing in 2014, he drops a few more pounds.

‘4.5lbs I lost last week. Dancing three and four hours a day, you can eat pretty much anything you want,’ he says.

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