Ex-Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh shares pic of her pampering herself in the bath after her husband Professor Green takes a sneaky photo of her

We all need a bit of pampering time every now and again. Whether it’s treating ourselves by doing our nails or making our legs so smooth that we JUST can’t stop stroking them. And although the end result may be pretty, the process if not, but thankfully, that never gets documented and shared with the world. Unlike Millie Mackintosh.

The 25-year-old former Made in Chelsea star was snapped in the bath by her hubby, rapper Professor Green, whilst she was in the middle of some hair removal.

‘That awkward moment when your husband catches you doing a spot of hair removal and decides to take a photo on your phone and post it.’

Our favourite bit is just their dog just sat there none-the-wiser.

Now, the pair of cheeky monkeys are known for pulling pranks on each other as they’re often posting pics of one another asleep. The pair got married back in September 2013, and with the couple close to celebrating their second wedding anniversary, seem like jokes and LOLs may be the secret to their marriage!

This isn’t the first time the couple have been seen with near next to nothing on, as Millie also posted a pic of her 31-year-old other half topless in bed (again with their dog – star feature of these snaps it seems!), which she captioned with: ‘I know where I’m going to be all day’. Aww – that’s quite sweet really isn’t it? A lot more adorable than sharing a pic of someone shaving their legs…

But the pair aren’t the only celebs to be baring all on social media.

Model and general amazing woman – seriously, can we be BFFs please? – Chrissy Tiegan has shared quite the view in her latest Instagram view. Oh, and the background of the sun behind her behind looks pretty good too. And Millie and Pro Green aren’t the only pair to strip off together. Chrissy also shared a pic of her hubby John Legend’s cheeky bum, which she posted after Justin Bieber shared THAT photo of his derrière while sailing on a boat. You know what they say – couples who get naked together, stay together. Well, makes sense really!

Then there are those controversial popstars who we all love for shocking us and making us gasp. Rihanna’s instagram account was taken offline after she posted numerous topless pictures of herself, so it’s no surprise to a scantildly-clad Riri as you scroll through the 27-year-old’s newsfeed.

And with Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus both being popstars who love to shock us and make us shout ‘OMG!’, and we love just as much for being so outrageous, it’s unsupriingly that they’ve both stripped off on the regular before.

Oh, and when your debut book goes in at No.1, what’s the best way to celebrate? By stripping off and having just your bestseller covering up your bestsellers of course. Charlotte Crosby celebrated the success of her book Me, Me, Me, by showing us her, her, her.

We think we’ll keep the starkers snaps to the stars! We’ll just still put in our onesie thanks.

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