Remember Neve Campbell? Well here's everything she's been up to since the Scream movies came to an end

This week in our Whatever Happened To… series, we look at the star that is Neve Campbell.

The Scream actress?
That’s the one! Canadian Neve first found fame in 1994 as Julia Salinger in TV teen drama Party Of Five. But she really made her name playing Sidney Prescott in the slasher movie Scream in 1996, when she was just 23. Neve was nominated for multiple awards and the film was so successful that three sequels were filmed over the next five years.

Was she a victim of her own success?
It’s often the case that when an actor stars in something hugely successful they then struggle to find work away from that franchise – which is exactly what happened to Neve. She’s explained: ‘I don’t regret in any sense doing the Scream movies, but at some points in my career I think it did hinder me in certain ways when maybe someone wouldn’t cast me.’ In spite of that typecasting, she scored high-profile roles in the films Wild Things and The Craft.

Did she always want to act?
Apparently not. Neve joined the National Ballet School of Canada at the age of nine, but turned to acting after a series of injuries sadly destroyed her dream of dancing. ‘I never wanted to be an actor,’ she’s revealed. ‘It was just something I found a passion for. It wasn’t there immediately.’

Is she married?
Not right now, but she has been – twice. She first married bartender Jeff Colt in 1995, but they divorced in 1998. She then married British actor John Light in 2007, but filed for her second divorce in the summer of 2010 despite having moved to London to live with him. Now she’s happily settled with actor JJ Feild, 37, and they have a three-year-old son Caspian.

So what’s she upto these days?
Neve’s recently appeared in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men, but admits: ‘I’m not desperate to do a TV show or be in the public eye.’ Now 42, she seems happy spending time with Caspian, gushing: ‘Becoming a mother has been a beautiful experience and it makes other things far less important. Caspian’s such a beautiful little soul and we’re madly in love.’ But Neve hasn’t completely stepped out of the limelight – she’s signed up for a role in season four of Netflix drama House Of Cards next year. Yay!

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