Ever wondered what happened to the youngest of the Brody kids after Jaws? Have a look to see where he went next...

You will remember the first time that you watched Jaws for the rest of your life. The film that made you PETRIFIED to even dip your little toe in the water.

Can you remember Martin and Ellen Brody‘s cute little son Sean? The one who sat imitating his police chief dad round the table? Too cute.

And when he was just happily building a sandcastle as Jaws passed under the water, before melting our hearts when he started crying because his brother Mike was sent into shock, after witnessing a shark attack?

That’s the kid, and now he’s all grown up! Jay Mello, now 47, played the youngest of the Brody sons in the Steven Spielberg hit forty years ago – and you will never guess what he’s up to now!

His performance in Jaws showed promise that he was going to have roles land at his feet – right?

Well, after the blockbuster Jay didn’t have a gleaming acting career – in fact, it sunk straight to the bottom of the ocean…

In December 2009 he was given a probation on a lewd act charge, after being accused by a nine-year-old girl.

And in 2010 he continued to work as a janitor at Lyndon State College, Vermont. That was until ‘underage kids’, who were at the college on a special programme, found him acting ‘creepy’. And  was jailed for violation of probation. SHOCK!

Who would have thought that the adorable Sean Brody would have ended up in prison? We didn’t either!

There is some happiness in there… Jay married Rayanne M. Cross in June 1990, and had three kids together.

And there is good news – if you feel like reminiscing back to the days when Sean Brody was a cute little toddler, then you are in luck! The Jaws trilogy is on TV this weekend, and we can’t wait! Although, we won’t be going swimming anytime soon…


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