We find out what happened to Heartbreak High's biggest heartthrob...

Breaking our hearts

Remember Heartbreak High? Back in the late 90s we were obsessed with bad boy Drazic, played by New Zealand-born Callan Mulvey, and his romance with fellow high school pupil Anita (oh, that eyebrow piercing of his!). An Australian prequel to the likes of Dawson’s Creek and The OC, the show followed the kids of fictional Hartley High in Sydney as they snogged, fought and eventually graduated. But what became of heartthrob Callan and that eyebrow ring?

From one soap to the next
Callan went on to star in Home And Away from 2006 to 2008 as Johnny Cooper – another bad boy with a penchant for crime. He’s also starred in stuff like Aussie police drama Rush and films like 300: Rise Of An Empire and Zero Dark Thirty. Lots of fighting and thrillers, then.

Car crash

It’s not just on screen that Callan’s life has been dramatic. He was involved in a high speed, head-on car crash in 2003 at over 100km per hour and was trapped in the vehicle for over an hour until he was eventually freed. The actor suffered terrible injuries to the head and had 17 titanium plates inserted into his skull to repair fractures in his jaw. The scars are still visible. Callan revealed: ‘It’s incredible what they did considering the first call my parents got was: “It’s bad and we don’t know if he’s gonna make it… and if he does he’ll have pretty severe brain damage.”’

Return to form

After getting over his crash, Callan took to the big screen for a role in last year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, playing super- villain Anatoli Knyazev (of course he had to be a villain – check out that brooding stare) and gave Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill a run for their money in the hunk stakes. And this year he’s got more big films coming out of the bag, including Bleeding Steel with Jackie Chan. But we’ll always remember him as teen crush Drazic. Maybe you should get that eyebrow ring back out, Call…