The nineties TV presenter has gone AWOL from TV screens in the last few years...

90s ladette

Jayne Middlemiss was a telly favourite in the 90s and noughties and was all over music TV – as well as taking part in a certain reality TV dating show that we’ll get to a little later. But while she was everywhere on our screens back in the day, we haven’t 
seen her around for a while…

Northern roots

Jayne was born into a working- class family from Bedlington. Jayne said: ‘My dad was a miner in Northumberland during the strike in the 80s. It was terrifying as a child to have no money coming in.’ Blessed with good looks, she started out as a Page 3 model and the money soon came rolling in.


Girl on film

It wasn’t long before Jayne had worked her way into a job in TV presenting, appearing on music show The O-Zone with Jamie Theakston. Impressing bosses, she then moved onto Top 
Of The Pops (bring it back, producers, please!) as well as presenting on Radio 1.

Love is in the air…

Jayne was a contestant on 
a certain little show called Celebrity Love Island in 2005, alongside celebs like Paul Danan, Calum Best and Rebecca Loos (we’re currently ordering the DVD on Amazon). Jayne had a romance with footballer Lee Sharpe – which wasn’t to last. She did, however, win the show after crying 27 times during the series. Which sounds quite stressful to us.

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Cooking up a storm

Jayne also won Celebrity MasterChef in 2009. Judge John Torode praised her flair for cooking, saying: ‘Jayne’s a natural cook. She has complete understanding of modern food. She really pulled it out of the bag and is a deserving winner.’ Fancy cooking us a Sunday roast, then, Jayne?

Where’s she at now?

Now 46, she’s been noticeably absent from TV screens in the last few years – because she’s got into yoga. She’s released a yoga DVD and is busy teaching classes. You’ll find her tweeting about all things spiritual and she’s said: ‘From yoga I get the Buddhist idea of karma, but 
I was brought up C of E so as soon as I walk into a church it’s all still there. So I’m a cross between Jesus and Buddha: whatever suits the day.’ We wish we were as zen as you, Jayne!