We delve into what happened to the So Solid Crew princess


Shining light
So Solid Crew were a bunch 
of blokes and one lovely lady who ruled the UK garage 
and grime scene in the early noughties. Amid the likes of MC Harvey and Romeo, Lisa Maffia shone through as the group’s female voice. But what’s she been up to since?

Young mum
Lisa grew up in Brixton, 
south London, and trained 
in dancing before quitting at 
15 and eventually having her daughter Chelsea at the age of 17. And yes, Maffia is her real surname – her mum is Italian.


No easy ride
So Solid Crew were a big success in the charts in the noughties, hitting number 
one with 21 Seconds and number three with They Don’t Know, both in 2001. But the group didn’t have an easy time of it when it came to the media. Facing controversies among band members such as a shootings, stabbings, court cases and even a murder charge, the group were 
often on the tabloids’ hitlist. Although Lisa steered clear of controversy, she did attend court when her So Solid boyfriend G-Man faced on 
a gun charge in 2002 – for which he was sentenced to 
four years in prison.

Going solo
Lisa became a solo artist in 2003 when she released debut single All Over from her debut album First Lady. She also got to number 13 with In Love the same year. But her album only reached number 44 in the charts and she was dropped by her record label.

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The only way is reality
Lisa turned to reality TV next 
– she took part in Channel 4’s The Games, where she won 
a silver medal, and went on 
to win CelebAir, ITV’s 
reality show where celebs performed as cabin crew.

Surgery shock
Lisa appeared on Celebrity Botched Up Bodies in 2016 after a boob job went wrong. She said: ‘I want to be respected as a businesswoman – I don’t want to be looked at like some floozy who’s all about the boobs.’ Now 37, she currently runs her own fashion business House Of Maffia, as well as performing with other members of So Solid Crew at clubs and festivals.