We delve into what happened to the presenter of cult classic TV show Popworld

Sunday blues
Hungover Sunday mornings were never the same when Popworld ended. Together, presenters Miquita Oliver and Simon Amstell cheered us up from the depths of our despair by meeting pop stars, annoying pop stars and ripping the p**s out of pop stars, to be quite honest. But where’s Miquita and her trademark sarcastic humour 11 years after she 
left the show?


Music in the blood
Miquita’s mum, Andrea Oliver, was a singer in 80s post-punk band Rip Rig + Panic alongside Neneh Cherry. So it’s quite fitting that Miquita went into the world of music telly. After attending Holland Park High School in West London, Miquita got the job on 
Popworld – at the tender age 
of 16. The show featured (and terrorised) pop stars from Britney Spears to Beenie Man and Gwen Stefani and was 
a weekend staple.

Happy birthday my Schmoodge ❤️

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Moving on
Miquita and Simon left the show after five years in 2006, with Miquita revealing, ‘The thing about Popworld is it became such a luxury to be doing this great show every week, and to have people stop you in the street and say it’s good. You get really cosy. I was definitely getting too cosy. 
I would probably have done Popworld until I was 60.’ We wish you had, Miquita…

Miquita took a job on T4 in 2007, but lost her job three years later when she was overheard insulting Kesha – with Kesha’s management listening in. And things didn’t get much better when Miquita had to file for bankruptcy 
in 2011 after an unpaid tax 
bill. She went on to make a 
BBC Three documentary 
about debt called Young, British and Broke in 2013.

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And now?
Miquita recently finished making a documentary for BBC Three on graffiti and street art, which is available to view now online. And in case you’re wondering, Miquita and Simon are still very close. She revealed, ‘Simon and I are still best friends and he is someone I definitely wouldn’t have met unless I was asked to host a pop music show with him.’ Aww! But we still want Popworld to come back…