We find out what happened to the super-cool noughties band and where they are now...


The time is now
Moloko, made up of Mark Brydon and Róisín Murphy, first shot to fame in 1995 with their debut album Do You 
Like My Tight Sweater? and toured with Pulp following 
the release of their single Where Is the What if the 
What Is in Why? Their most famous song has to be 2000 smash The Time Is Now. In 2003, Mark and Róisín, who were in a relationship at the time, released the album Statues. But after touring, 
this was to be their last.


After the band
In 2004, Róisín, now 44, recorded her first official solo material. But her record label, Echo, struggled to find any material that would be worthy of a single. Sticking to her 
guns, Róisín said she wanted her music to be as ‘pure as possible’ and the label came 
to support her in the end. Speaking of her solo career she said, ‘I’ve changed since Moloko. I’m not afraid to make demands of people, to work hard and expect the best.’ In 2005, she released her debut album Ruby Blue, but 
it was a commercial failure. Meanwhile, Mark concentrated on re-mixing under the alias of DJ Plankton.

Turning point
In 2006, Róisín signed with EMI and announced that she was working on her third studio solo album. Two years later she did a cover of Bryan Ferry’s song Slave To Love, which featured in a Gucci ad campaign. Speaking of her third album Róisín said, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever felt this close 
to fulfillment in any of my creative endeavours.’

Whatever happened to… Miquita Oliver?

Family point
Róisín has a daughter called Clodagh with music video director Simon Henwood, who has also worked with the likes of Kanye West and Rihanna. Speaking about their split in 2015 she said, ‘I’ve a little girl, who is five, but unfortunately 
I split with her father. Luckily, 
I fell in love all over again with an Italian called Sebastiano Properzi. I had a boy (Tadhg), who is two now. The four of 
us live all together in quite 
a regular way. Sometimes, we don’t do anything apart from eat and think about food. 
This tends to happen quite 
a bit when you live with an Italian.’ Sounds all right to us…