We find out where the star of the Famous Five and As If is at these days...

Remember As If’s Jemima? She played Nicki Sutton in the cult T4 teen drama from 2001-2004 and before this she was all over our tellies when she played George in The Famous Five. 
But where is she now?

Early Life
The daughter of two broadcasters, Jemima’s parents had hoped she would follow a career in medicine or law, however Jemima had her mind firmly set on becoming an actress. ‘In order to do that you’re going to need to get a agent,’ her mother told her. ‘Well, I’m going to get one,’ she declared. She credits being 
an only child for her sense of eccentricity. ‘I spent a lot of time alone, and played a lot of imaginary games. I just wanted to dress up and be weird.’


Smart cookie
The aspiring actress didn’t let work distract her from her studies, and she bagged herself an impressive 9 GCSEs with A* and A grades while working on set on The Famous Five in the mid 90s. She shot to fame as tomboy George in the CBBS show based on the children’s book series by Enid Blyton.

As If
Jemima transitioned from child star to adult actress in As If. The show was considered groundbreaking, with each episode presented from 
a different character’s viewpoint. Jemima has previously said that she would love an As If reunion, but insists that everyone on the cast 
is busy and it might not be possible… although, she didn’t rule it out. ‘We kept saying wouldn’t it be brilliant to do a 10-years-on thing.’ Er, yes!

Theatrical tendencies
In more recent years, Jemima has kept herself busy with theatre, starring in London’s West End show Breeders, along with US stage performances such as Blithe Spirit. She also starred in season two of Atlantis, which was screened 
on BBC America.

Whatever happened to… Mya?

Love life
The actress met her partner, Ben Ockrent, while working on The Great Game: Afghanistan play almost 10 years ago. In 2014 Jemima said, ‘Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we may have a real baby’. The couple have since gone on to have two children. Aww!