He burst onto our TV screens in 1998, but what's Simon Amstell been up to since?

He burst onto our TV screens in 1998, but what’s Simon Amstell been up to since?

Of course, the Popworld presenter!

That’s the one. Self-proclaimed ‘misfit’ Simon originally wanted to carve out a career as a magician, but in 1998 he instead managed to pull his first job as a kids TV presenter on Nickelodeon out of a hat. When asked why he left the role after two years, Simon claimed: ‘I was sacked for being sarcastic and mean to children.’ He went on to co-host T4’s Popworld on Sunday mornings with Miquita Oliver for six years from 2000.

And then he did Never Mind The Buzzcocks?
The show that really made Simon a household name was Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which he hosted from 2006-2009. But it also made him a few enemies. Noel Fielding said he ‘ruined the show’, while Ordinary Boys singer Preston famously stormed off the set, calling Simon a ‘snotty little posh boy’, after he ridiculed his public relationship with Chantelle Houghton.

So he’s always been a bit controversial…
Yep. Even after Simon left Buzzcocks, the outspoken star still managed to stir up trouble. In 2012, he caused outrage by joking about singer Russell Watson’s cancer battle live on BBC Breakfast. When presenter Sian Williams told Simon his slot on the show had ended and it was time for the next guest, Simon said: ‘We’re finished. Got to get Russell on with his tumour!’

What about his personal life?
After quitting Buzzcocks to do stand-up comedy, the gay, Jewish, teetotal vegan then used his personal life as the basis for the majority of his jokes, admitting: ‘I tried to figure my life out on stage.’ Simon’s Numb tour – which led to a sell-out residency in New York in 2012 – was about his battle with depression.

How’s he doing now?
Now splitting his time between Britain and the States, Simon seems happier than ever. The 35-year-old told an American audience: ‘I’m in the most authentic, beautiful relationship I’ve ever been in. Even though it’s perfect and I love him… I still had a dream about being seduced by a lubed-up dungeon boy.’
Oh, Si, haven’t we all?

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