Age-gap romances, party pensioners and charity singles... here's what REALLY happened to The Chuckle Brothers

They captivated our childhoods with their amusing on screen antics, but what ever happened to the Chuckle Brothers?

Are they still Chuckling?
The quick answer to that is no. Chuckle Brothers Barry, 70, and Paul, 67, made 292 episodes of their BBC series ChuckleVision between 1987 and 2009, but sadly it then came to an end. When asked if the show might return by one of the 200,000 strong fans who ‘liked’ a Facebook petition to bring it back, Barry said: ‘I doubt it’ll happen – the BBC aren’t interested.’ Boo!

So how did they start out, then?
It was actually Barry and Paul’s older siblings Jimmy, now 84, and Brian, 81, who began performing as a comedy duo, The Patton Brothers, way back in 1954! The four brothers then appeared together as the Chuckle Brothers in the 80s, before Paul and Barry found kids’ TV fame as a duo with The Chucklehounds in 1985 and then ChuckleVision.

What do they do now?
They may be drawing their pensions now, but Barry and Paul rarely seem to put their feet up – they have a string of nightclub personal appearances lined up for the rest of the year. And last year, in quite possibly the most comedic collaboration of all time, the pair teamed up with rapper Tinchy Stryder on the song To Me, To You (Bruv), which was recorded to raise money for the African-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. After the official video for the track racked up millions of views within the rap community, the Chuckle Brothers’ manager Phil Dale said: ‘With all sincerity, the track wasn’t done to gain the Brothers street credibility.’

What about their personal lives?
Both brothers are married – Barry’s wife is called Ann and Paul’s married to Sue. But their older brother Jimmy caused a bit of controversy recently when he revealed that he’s set to marry a 25-year-old fan named Amy Phillips after meeting her on Facebook – despite a 59-year age gap. Speaking about the relationship, Jimmy said: ‘I never thought I’d find love again after the death of my wife Valerie. Amy’s been a fan of Chucklevision all her life and commented on something I posted and it just went from there.’

Famous Friends?
In last year’s book Fifty Years Of To Me… To You, Paul revealed: ‘In the summer of 1980 we used to go clubbing with a music promoter who I think was Simon Cowell.’ Blimey!

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