The kids from Outnumbered, ey? Frozen in time as children on inlayer and various repeats, but actually growing up in real life and getting older, like the rest of us.

Going Viral

The kids from Outnumbered, eh? Frozen in time as children on iPlayer and various repeats, but actually growing up in real life and getting older, like the rest of us.

Last weekend the internet went into meltdown after a pic of Karen, Ben and Jake having a reunion in someone’s back garden surfaced, despite the inevitability of the passage of time. They had all grown up! They weren’t kids anymore! We shouldn’t be surprised, but we really, really were. Not least because it made us all feel 75.

The beginning

Tyger Drew Honey, then 11, a six year old Ramona Mraquez and Daniel Roche, then seven, were cast in Outnumbered back in 2007, a sitcom about the dysfunctional Brockman family, also starring Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner as their long-suffering parents. The show ran for five series until 2014, where it ended on a high, pulling in six million viewers at its peak. The kids were the real stars of the show, with much of the script improvised and the kids being, well, hugely funny kids about the whole thing.


The now

When the new pic of the kids – who are no longer kids – came out last week, we all wondered what they’d been up to. Arguably the highest profile of the lot, Tyger, 20, has been a frequent face on BBC3, starting in a number of documentaries, mainly about sex.

Daniel Roche

Despite being an award-winning actor (he bagged himself a Children’s BAFTA back in 2013), Daniel’s swapped the line-learning for ball-chasing. He’s a feted rugby player for Wasps, and as his former co-star Tyger reckons, is a shoo-in as a future England Rubgy star. Get him.


Ramona Marquez

Ramona, the youngest of the lot at 15, is still doing some acting on the side, but is concentrating on her schooling (obviously not now, as it’s the school hols… enjoy that break Ramona) and has just started her GCSEs. She’s also now got a boyfriend (woooo!).

Tyger Drew Honey

Since the show ended, Tyger’s been carving out a name for himself in the documentary world, and has a possible film lined up and a dating show on E4. His series Tyger Takes On was critically acclaimed, as he investigated the hardships facing young people in 2016, including issues of body image, sexuality and attitudes towards porn.