We miss the talk show queen - so where is she now?

Daytime TV queen

Long before Jeremy Kyle ruled daytime TV, it was Trisha Goddard who we turned to for our fix of dysfunctional families and warring spouses. Trisha made it big with her talk show from 1998 after she was offered the chance to replace Vanessa Feltz’s chat show. She became a mum to the nation, doling out advice and wisdom.

From travel to talk show

Trisha was born in London in 1957 and then moved to Tanzania for some of her childhood. After making a name for herself in travel writing, she went into broadcasting and hosted Trisha, first on ITV and then on Channel 5, pulling in millions of viewers. Her Channel 5 show was cancelled in 2009. She briefly launched it in the US in 2012, but it was axed in 2014. We’ve seen less of her on the airwaves since then.

Troubled times

Trisha’s admitted to suffering from depression in her teens and after an abusive relationship, she ended up having a breakdown. Trisha’s revealed that she made a suicide attempt in 1994 after finding out that her ex-husband had died of AIDS, saying: ‘It all became too much and I thought: “I can’t carry on. I just want this to stop.”’ Trisha’s also revealed she struggled with addictions to cannabis and ecstasy in the 1990s. However, it’s exercise that she’s addicted to these days, saying: ‘I’m religious about exercise – it helps me manage my moods. I realise now that I don’t need to take drugs to cope with depression, which I will always live with but thankfully no long suffer from.’

Keeping positive

Trisha overcame breast cancer in 2008. She said: ‘Cancer has definitely changed me. I still love what I do, but I’m far more relaxed about it.’ She went on to release her autobiography, Trisha: A Life Less Ordinary. She was recently pictured enjoying her 59th birthday with her daughters Billie and Madison on Facebook, writing: ‘59 today! In London with my darling daughters! The best birthday present of all!’