What do the Top Gun fitties in flight suits look like now? Check them, and the two women in the film, out while singing 'Highway to the DANGER ZONE…'


In the words of Maverick and Goose, ‘[We] feel the need…the need for speed.’ Yep, we’ve been reminiscing in the Now office about one of the best films ever made, in our eyes, and thought you lot would like to join in.

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Can you believe it’s been 30 years since Tom Cruise pulled on his leather flying jacket, hopped on his motorbike, and raced a fighter jet down the runway while fist-pumping like a true L.A.D. Well, it has. But while Goose may no longer be with us we’re glad to say the legend of Top Gun still lives on.


But what have Viper, Iceman and Slider been doing since starring in the 1986 classic and, more importantly, would they still look hot in a flight suit? What about Charlie and Goose’s wife, Carole? Check out the gallery below to see what the stars look like now and read what happened after the good ol’ days.

Maverick – Played by Tom Cruise

We may be biased but we think this could have been Tom Cruise‘s hottest film to date. LT Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell was tanned, toned, brooding, reckless and charming all at the same time. He took our breath away. Who couldn’t fancy him when he and Goose sung, ‘You lost that loving feeling,’ to Charlie in the bar?

Since his Maverick days Tom Cruise, 52, has shot to superstardom. He’s now worth over £215 million, has made some incredible films like Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report and the Mission: Impossible series, and has been married three times.

His six-year marriage to third wife Katie Holmes caused a huge media circus in 2012 when she announced she was filing for divorce, out of the blue. He has three children – Bella, 21, and Connor, 19, who he adopted with second wife Nicole Kidman, 47, and Suri, eight, who he had with Katie.

Goose – Played by Anthony Edwards 

When Goose broke his neck hitting the canope above his ejector seat – we shed a tear or two. No one can forget Maverick’s amazing wingman. That moustache. But it was actually playing LT JG Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw that launched Anthony Edwards’ career. As well as staring in The Revenge of the Nerds films, he also graduated with a PHD in hotness as Dr Mark Greene in the huge TV series ER.

Iceman – Played by Val Kilmer

Oh Iceman, how we loved to hate you. LT Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazanski, played Maverick’s biggest rival. They were constantly locking horns over who was the best flyer, while Iceman was cool and consistent, Maverick was the risk-taker. Who can forget that scene where they’re in the locker room, all steamy and in towels, Iceman gets all puffy-chested while Maverick takes on his painful but truthful words.

Following Top Gun Val, 54, has had a successful acting career starring in tons of action-thrillers including Batman Forever and The Saint. He also released a music album in 2007 where all proceeds went to charity.

Charlie – Played by Kelly McGillis 

Charlie was the saucy and intelligent civilian instructor who treated Maverick mean, to keep him keen. And boy, did it work!

Since bagging Maverick, Kelly, 57, has worked steadily as an actress. She took some time off in the early 90s to be with her daughters, Kelsey and Sonora. In 2009 she came out as a lesbian and you may have spotted her as a guest-star in lesbian-drama, The L Word.

Viper – Played by Tom Skerritt

Cmdr. Mike ‘Viper’ Metcalf was the fighter pilot school’s chief instructor. Since starring in Top Gun, Tom, 81, hasn’t been turned down for a role. His name was already big on the Hollywood scene when the film was released – he previously starred in MASH and Alien – and since then it’s shone bright. You may have spotted him as a guest-star in Brothers & Sisters or in the thriller Whiteout.


Stinger – Played by James Tolkan

Stinger had arguably one of the best, and most memorable lines of the film. As Commander Tom ‘Stinger’ Johnson slams Maverick for being reckless: ‘Son, your ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash,’ he blasts. WHAT. A. LINE.

Before Top Gun, John, 83, starred as the strict principal in Back To The Future and was often cast as the over bearing, bald headed figure of authority. After, he made guest appearances in many TV shows including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Miami Vice.

Carole – Played by Meg Ryan

After playing Goose’s wife, and having a classic line in the film – ‘Take me to bed or lose me forever’ – Meg Ryan went on to become one of the biggest rom-com actresses of the decade. She starred in blockbusters like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and French Kiss. Between 2000-2001 she went through a messy divorce from Dennis Quaid. Meg has a son with Dennis Jack, 22, (who is himself an actor – he played Marvel in The Hunger Games) and one adopted daughter Daisy True, nine. Her new film Ithaca is out next year.

Slider – Played by Rick Rossovich

THAT VOLLEYBALL SCENE! Slider, you win. You win every time in our eyes! And…. breathe.

After Top Gun, Rick, now 57, starred in numerous TV shows. He played Dr. John Taglieri in ER and Spud Lincoln in Sons & Daughters. Rick is retired now.

Lydia Southern