A look at the stars who made bad style choices this week...

All eyes are on fashionista Anna Dello Russo, who kicks off this week’s celebrity fashion disasters in this crazy padded coat at Paris Fashion Week on 28 September. Well, it’s certainly an eye-catching outfit, which is what we usually expect from Anna, but the normally stylish Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett surprised us this week with a strange mix of fabrics and shapes.

Paris Fashion week throws up a whole host of celebrity fashion disasters, with model Bar Refaeli leading the way in a strangely shapeless onesie. Russian fashion editor Miroslava Duma gives it her best shot in an assortment of mismatched hound’s-tooth checks, while Brazilian fashion stylist Helena Bordon seems to have fallen foul of the phantom sleeve stealer in an odd-looking coat.

Over in New York our American cousins reveal that they aren’t slackers when it comes to celebrity fashion disasters – check out Delfina Delettrez’s frightful feather dress and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s horizontally striped onepiece.

What’s going on with the usually fashion savvy Olivia Palermo? Olivia’s usually our total style crush but this week she’s gone for lace overload in a frilly outfit that does her no favours.

Back to the fashion capital Paris and Kim Kardashian looks like she’s just done battle with a bunch of monster size moths – she’s lucky to have any material remaining to cover her blushes in that holey outfit.

Vintage rocker Debbie Harry has also lost the plot in a skirt that seems to have been savaged by a pair of angry scissors, while the message on her leather jacket sums it all up – WTF??!