Celebrities often rock the latest trends, and sometimes they don't. See who has made the worst dressed list this week...

Lucky ol’ celebs can rely on an entourage of stylists and make up artists to make sure that they are preened to perfection, and not even a single hair is out of place.

And you might be lucky if you can make it through the morning commute with out a serious SULA (sweaty upper lip alert).

Even with a team of experts rallying around them, it doesn’t stop celebs from getting it wrong every now and again. Really wrong.

Stylists have to have a day off, you know? Or, sometimes an off day.

When this rare day does occur, the red carpet – and the streets – is a dangerous place for a celebrity to walk without being papped.

And just when you were worried that you’d left the house with your eyeliner *too* smudged, wearing THAT top you shamefully pulled out of the laundry basket (with some definitely questionable stains), or forgetting to shave before hitting the gym. It’s okay – we’ve all been there…

It happens to celebs too. But it’s okay if no one sees you – right?!

Well, for the rich and famous the proof is in the pictures (literally).

So just count your lucky stars that you are not going to be sent on a round-the-world trip as a meme, courtesy of social media.

Remember THAT time Rihanna was wearing an omelette dress? Or the one that looked like a loofa?

OR when Kim Kardashian went to the MET Gala as Mrs Doubtfire? We’re guessing that was an accident…

You might be having a bad day, or are trying to procrastinate from starting THAT presentation – either way, sometimes it feels good just to see someone who’s dressed A LOT worse than you.

So take a peak to see the worst dressed celebrities this week…