Okay, so we know fortune cookies are not the most reliable of sources when it comes to predicting our future: ‘Say hello to a bikini bod this summer!’

Okay, so we know fortune cookies are not the most reliable of sources when it comes to predicting our future: ‘Say hello to a bikini bod this summer!’, ‘Brad Pitt’s double will sweep you off your feet!’ A lot of them are there to inspire positive thoughts and give us something to work towards. But there are rare occasions when fortune cookies surprise us and actually come true.
Below are four anecdotes in which fortune cookies really did deliver the goods. There’s hope for some of us yet!

The matchmaker

We’ve all been there – dating someone new and experiencing the exciting rush that goes with it. But this rush can also bring up a few doubts about our future with that person. Are they really ‘the one’? Fortunately, when you’re not too sure about the direction of your love life, fortune cookies are there to spell it out in plain English. And that’s exactly what happened for one man whilst out on a date.
Apparently, he received the fortune ‘You will marry your present lover and be happy’ on a lunch date with his then girlfriend. They have now been happily married for over a decade – one of the more interesting stories to tell the grandkids, then!

Big win

Fortune cookies are very different depending on where you go, with some fortunes featuring a set of lucky numbers below each message. During a US Powerball lottery in 2005, a group of lucky lotto players put these fortune cookie numbers to the test. Apparently, 110 participants played the same set of numbers from their fortune cookies and, incredibly, all numbers except the Powerball number matched up. All 110 players became instant second-place winners, nabbing between $100,000 and $500,000 each! Forget using birthday and anniversary dates, perhaps we should let the cookies decide.

Smart cookie

It seems that fortune cookies can sometimes predict our potential. Allegedly, an American schoolgirl was told ‘your life will jump ahead of you’ – thankfully, this didn’t foretell growing up too fast or getting in with the wrong crowd. It rightly predicted her skipping ahead a grade in high school. Who needs report cards and evaluations when you have a fortune cookie believing in you?


There’s a common fortune cookie phrasing that reads: ‘You will receive an offer that you can’t refuse’. No more than a week after finding this message in a cookie, a man was apparently offered a job that paid four times as much as his old one – and (as expected) he definitely didn’t refuse it! We wouldn’t recommend buying a new work wardrobe based on a similar prophecy, but if it works for some, we’re pretty hopeful. Your next promotion could be a dinner away!
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