Victoria Beckham has been voted most inspirational woman in fashion in the past 10 years. Take that Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian might have a famous family, millionaire husband, cute young daughter, and spend her life on the FROW amongst fashion royalty such as Anna Wintour. But Victoria Beckham has all this too – plus, a brand spanking new award for ‘the most inspirational woman in fashion over the past 10 years’. Take that, Kim K!

The awards, by Grazia magazine, listed women who ‘inspire, empower and game-change’ – a perfect description for popstar-come-fashion and business-entrepreneur-come-doting-mother Victoria Beckham.

And to prove she deserves the title over fashionista Kim, here are six reasons – accompanied with pictures, above – to prove that the legendary VB is basically beating Kim in every aspect of life.

Girl power!

1. Harper’s been crowned FROWs tot Queen

Both mums may have had their lovely daughters on the fashion week FROWs this year, but it was clear that Harper Beckham held her own far more than North West – who spent her time bawling through the fashion shows. Yikes!

2. VB’s just days away from being Anna Wintour’s BFF

You know you’ve made it in the fashion world when Anna Wintour will give you the time of day. Victoria and Kim have both been spotted chatting to the US Vogue editor and all-round fashion queen on several occasions, but we think it’s clear from the pictures that Anna has a favourite. Spoiler: it’s not you, Kim.

3. Kim’s worst outfit of all time is WAY worse than VB’s

Okay, so we all have a criminal past of TERRIBLE fashion choices. It was the 80s, 90s, cool-back-then – whatever your excuse, you still did it. Foreshame. But take solace in the fact that so did fashion princesses VB and Kim K. Both outfits are pretty bad, but at least Victoria was part of a girl band at the time – and is carrying an award. If you’re going to look sh*t, at least win a prize, right?

4. And the prize for the worst dressed couple goes to…Kimye

Both Kim and Victoria have a similar taste in arm accessory: their men. Yep, both women are guilty of co-ordinating outfits with their other halves. But while David Beckham seems to be taking it in his stride (and still looking fit in a pristine white suit), Kanye West kinda looks like he reckons they’ve finally taken it too far. And we probs agree.

5. VB can hold her own on the catwalk

While Victoria Beckham hosts her own fashion shows- check out the pic of her walking her own catwalk! – Kim kind of has to rely on younger sister Kendall Jenner to hold the Kardashian catwalk crown.

6. VB has never worn a Kim K design

In the ultimate bow down to fash fairy Victoria, Kim Kardashian has even worn dresses from her collection – and looked incredible. Has Victoria ever taken a sly trip to Dash to purchase something from the Kardashian Kollection? We doubt it.

All hail Queen VB!

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Kim Gregory